passing a prolog string to tcl and unbalanced braces 
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 passing a prolog string to tcl and unbalanced braces


I want to pass a string from prolog to tcl and I use the command:

call_log(Term) :-
    ( nonvar(String),String\==[] ->
    ; true

log::write is a tcl procedure that just inserts the argument to a text

proc log_write { msg } {
    text .t
    .t insert 0 "$msg\n\n"
    pack .t


This work fine for all cases except the one with an unbalanced curly brace
in the String (the error message 'unbalanced braces "{" at pos 10' for
I know that I could choose to enclose the String into quotes, but this will
fail for all strings with a quote, dollar or [ brace.

Of cource the error that I get is something like:

missing close-braceException during Prolog execution:
missing close-brace
    while executing
    invoked from within
"::prolog {call_log(exec_macro('o806'))}"
    ("uplevel" body line 1)

any ideas on how to make it work.


Tue, 11 May 2004 01:33:14 GMT  
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