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 Prolog & VB

I've allready have seen the examples distributed with SICstus, but they
didn't work well with me!
The real problem that i have with them is that some predicates work with VB
other don't! And i thought that the problem was because i wasn't using the
commands well! Now, i know what is the problem. The predicates that doesn't
work with VB is the ones that are called from a module, ex.

:- use_module(library(lists)).

test1(X,[Y|L],[X|L1]):- X<Y.
test2(X,L,Y):- nth(X,L,Y).

The 1st predicate (test1) work with VB, but the 2nd predicate (test2),
because is using a predicate (nth) from the library doesn't work with VB.
A solution that i have for this problem is to write in my file what nth do.
But i thint that isn't a good solution!
Can you help me with this?

PS-sorry about my english and i hope you can understand it, i'm from


Fernando Caracol 2001

Fri, 07 May 2004 01:22:06 GMT  
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