Request:reviews of Prolog (Arity, IF-Prolog) 
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 Request:reviews of Prolog (Arity, IF-Prolog)

Hello all,

        I will be writing an experimental NLP program (a fairly large one)
on an IBM PC running Windows. I am considering Arity and IF-Prolog's
as candidates.

        I wonder if you could point me to published reviews of these
products, either in AI/LP/CS magazines, or on this newsgroup..
(I have seen brief descriptions of these products on the comp.lang.prolog
Prolog Resource Guide, but I wonder if I can find more detailed reviews..)

        Also, any comments you may have on Arity and IF Prolog,
especially regarding their speed, will be gratefully consumed!

        Thanks a great deal,
        'Pat' T.Pattabhiraman           Sep 28, 93

Sun, 17 Mar 1996 01:14:34 GMT  
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