MS-DOS palmtop games written in Turbo Prolog 
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 MS-DOS palmtop games written in Turbo Prolog

A series of games I wrote to fit the 16x40 character screen of the
HP 95LX palmtop computer are available on my Web site.
These games will run on any MS-DOS computer.
The games are in the public domain, and the Turbo Prolog source code
is provided.

The site is:

Click on the "Palmtop Cafe" hotspot.

The games are:

  {*filter*} Craps
  Faro (a {*filter*} game popular in the American Old West)
  Horse Race (based on {*filter*} machines in Las Vegas)

-- Rick

(Rick Rutt is a system architect living and working in Midland, Michigan.)

Sun, 22 Nov 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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