C-Prolog Tokenizer/Parser Wanted 
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 C-Prolog Tokenizer/Parser Wanted

My apologies if this is a regular occurrence in your part of NetWorld.

I'm searching for a LEX/YACC specification or similar tokenizer/parser
software for PROLOG.  The PROLOG code in question is mainly C-Prolog
with a small (_very_ small) amount of Quintus Prolog (sp?).  I'm studying
the results of a Logic Programming course and need to do some analysis
on the work turned in by the students.  

I'm not much of a PROLOG person, (this is more of a Software Engineering
study) and the LEX/YACC specs that I have written have a few holes in
them (few is the polite term for it).  If someone has such files, knows
where I can get them (via ftp perhaps), or even where a complete
specification in paper form exists I could type it in.  A search of our
library resulted in a big goose-egg as far as books with any formal
specification of PROLOG in them (it had the "usual" PROLOG books:
Clocksin-Mellish, Sterling, Shapiro, etc.)

To further qualify my search--I'm a poor grad student.  I wouldn't mind
paying a "reasonable" shareware fee to the original author, but I can't
afford the sources to a commercial product by any means.  My code is
being developed on a 80x86 class machine, but I have to be careful and
create code that can later be ported up to UN*X.

Please reply via e-mail.  I have enough trouble keeping up with the
15 or so groups I regularly contribute to.



USnail       :  110 W. Third St, Stillwater, OK  74074
AT & T       :  (405) 377-0880

Mon, 10 Aug 1992 11:00:13 GMT  
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