How to make Prolog sound? 
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 How to make Prolog sound?

Hi there!

This term I'm attending a Prolog course at Gothenburrg University. For the
end of this term we're supposed to write a larger program/module in Prolog.
My group have chosen to make a speech system that takes a sentence, look up
the word's phonetic representation in a lexicon, choose the correct phonemes
from a database and then pronounce the words via an external(?) soundplayer.
We're going to cooperate to some extent with a group that will try to
construct a translation module (from English to Swedish) in the sense that
our lexicon will contain both semantic and phonetic information about words
and that the output from the translation module will be used as input for
out speech module. The program will be written in Sictstus Prolog.

What I need is some advice on how to go about such a project. I guess this
has been done a couple of times before, perhaps even by some of you people?
I would greatly appreciate you thoughts, ideas and experiences on this
matter. But please bear in mind that we are _not_ going to make a perfect
synthesizer (since this is a short project, lasting only for a month and a

This is perhaps slightly beyond this newsgroup's scope but I'll give it a
try anyway:
I would also be very glad if someone could give me an advice where to find
an collection with Swedish phonemes (in wav or similar format) which is free
to use? This would make things much easier for us since we don't want to
spend time on collecting the actual phonemes (which wouldn't be a problem
since we're all native speakers, but time's limited for us).

I greatly appreciate any help, advice or ideas you might have about this.

/Jon Solberg
Dep. of Computer Linguistics
Gothenburg University

Fri, 16 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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