Full time role for those looking to specialise in AI in UK- sorry for any offence 
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 Full time role for those looking to specialise in AI in UK- sorry for any offence

This may be of interest.  If  you are not considering a move / based in the
UK then please do not waste your time reading this....

Our client have vacancies within the Judgmental Risk Analytics group for
both a senior and a junior knowledge engineer. Salaries range between 25-40k
GBP plus benefits depending on experience.

The Judgmental Risk Analytics group is a small, but growing, team based
in Reigate, Surrey. It produces commercial credit risk assessment software
based on a unique expert system language called Syntel. The product is
in use by many of the biggest financial institutions around the globe.
The roles involve knowledge elicitation, business analysis, expert
system design and coding. We're looking for people with an AI background
some software development experience (Prolog or Lisp experience would be
ideal),and excellent problem-solving and communication skills. Knowledge of
credit risk is helpful but not essential.

If there is anyone who feels that they might like to put their skills to use

This opportunity is posted here as a one off due to the difficulties both
for graduates with appt skill sets looking to specialise in this end of the
market and also because this a recognised forum for professionals in the
equivalent market.

Tue, 29 Apr 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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