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 PARLOG for Mac and PC

The parallel logic programming language PARLOG is now available for
the Apple Macintosh (TM) and IBM-PC families of microcomputers.  Two
new products -- MacPARLOG and PC-PARLOG -- have just been released, to
coincide with Addison-Wesley's recent publication of the tutorial book
"Programming in PARLOG" by Tom Conlon.

MacPARLOG and PC-PARLOG are full implementations of PARLOG, including
both parallel and sequential operators, "deep" guards, control
metacalls, and a wide range of primitives.  Other features include:

*    A "lazy" incremental compiler.

*    A concurrent window-oriented de{*filter*}.  This includes features
     analogous to those provided by Prolog de{*filter*}s: (no)trace,
     (no)debug, (no)spy, etc.  Traces the events: CALL, SUSPEND,
     RETRY, REDUCE, SUCCEED, FAIL.  Each process is traced in its own
     dynamically-created window.

*    Automatic display of incrementally-generated variable bindings in
     independent windows.

MacPARLOG is fully integrated into the Macintosh WIMP environment,
while PC-PARLOG provides a more conventional command-style user
interface.  Both systems are inexpensive and are especially suitable
for educational and experimental use.

For full details write to:

     Parallel Logic Programming Ltd.
     PO Box 49
     Twickenham TW2 5PH

(please do not use email).

Mon, 20 Jul 1992 16:38:00 GMT  
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