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 Prolog and Genetic Programming


I realise this might be the wrong group for this, but it does have a Prolog
angle, so please bear with me...

I've only just finished reading Koza's "Genetic Programming" (excellent book,
highly reccomended). For those who are wondering what I'm on about, Genetic
Programming is the breeding of programs for a particular problem - see the
`' type newsgroups for more info (or read the book).

It occurs to me that Prolog is rather well suited to breeding programs
through the use of the `call' clause. Koza uses the functional language Lisp
in his book, but I see no reason why Prolog couldn't be used instead.
In addition, Prolog has some intresting features (eg. non-determinism) which
are not available to the standard Lisp progammer. Perhaps these features
could be used to some advantage in finding soloutions to the target problem?

It could be intresting to try it out, and see how well it works. I know
of no existing Genetic Programming system implemented in Prolog (although
I've seen C++ versions around).

So as a starter, how about breeding the heuristic position evaluation function
in some simple games (eg the 8 puzzle)? Any takers, ideas or comments?

Steve Margetts

Mon, 13 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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