SB-Prolog/Sicstus Prolog Info. Request 
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 SB-Prolog/Sicstus Prolog Info. Request

I would like to find out the source and procedure for acquiring
SB Prolog and Sicstus Prolog. Specifically:

        1. what paperwork do I have to fill up
        2. what sites to FTP from
        3. how can a site which is not on the net get a tape of
           the system (after paying, or course)
        4. sources of documentation (if any)
        5. who do I contact for the above.

 Box 200195, Austin, TX 78720 | UUCP: {uunet,harvard,gatech,pyramid}!!milano!cadillac!dsouza

Sat, 17 Oct 1992 16:08:00 GMT  
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