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June, 1992, Avignon, France, leading Prolog suppliers announced a
strategic collaborative alliance, and the formation of the Prolog
Vendors Group which aims to promote the use of the Prolog language
for applications development. The Avignon Meeting was attended by BIM
(Belgium), Cosytec SA, Delphia (France), Interface GmbH (Germany),
Integral Solutions Ltd (UK), Logic Programming Associates Ltd (UK),
Prolog Development Center A/S (Denmark), PrologIA (France), Quintus
Corp (USA), and Siemens Nixdorf (Germany). Other founding members of
the group are likely to include AIIL (UK), Applied Logic Systems
(USA), Elsa Software (France), Expert Systems Ltd, IBM, IQSoft - SZDI
(Hungary), and SICS (Sweden). Other Prolog vendors have also been
invited to participate and many are expected to join the group over
the next few months.

The Prolog Vendors Group aims to increase the visibility of
individual products, and to widen the market for Prolog systems in
general. A key objective of the group is to demonstrate that Prolog
has grown beyond the domain of AI research, and has become an
effective tool for the deployment of industrial and commercial

The Prolog Vendors Group has also agreed on a number of other key
objectives, including close collaboration to accelerate the ISO
Prolog language standardisation process, and direct support for a
number of additional joint activities such as the Prolog 1000
catalogue of Prolog Applications, and the future Practical
Applications of Prolog Conferences. At the same time the PVG is
working together to establish common guidelines for cross-platform
development including user-interfaces, object-oriented extensions,
and database interfaces.

Commenting on the initiative at the Avignon Press Launch, the First
PVG Chairman, Michel Vanden Bossche-Marquette, said "The Prolog
Vendor Community is making a total commitment to improve the
visibility of the language, and to demonstrate its increasingly
widespread use for the deployment of commercial applications".  He
added "This initiative will help position Prolog as the applications
development language of the future".

Commenting on the benefits of Prolog technology, Michel Vanden
Bossche-Marquette said "What is really important is not the speed at
which a program executes, but the speed at which you can develop
solutions to the problem". He concluded "As developers come to
recognise the shortcomings of other languages, they will be
increasingly attracted to the expressive power and flexibility that
Prolog provides".

The launch of the PVG coincided with the 20th Birthday of the Prolog
Language. To celebrate this occasion, a distinguished panel of
speakers included Prof. Alain Colmerauer, who implemented the first
Prolog system. This was immediately followed by a press announcement
on the formation of the PVG, and a grand hospitality event.

For more information about the Prolog Vendors Group, the Prolog 1000
catalogue, or future applications conferences please contact:-

Al Roth
PO Box 137

Tel:    44 253 58081
Fax:    44 253 53811

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