Question about Bratko Programming for AI, 3rd edition 
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 Question about Bratko Programming for AI, 3rd edition


does someone own, or has access to, Bratko's 3rd edition?

I am using the 2nd ed. to learn about his heuristic search examples in
chapter 12.  I also found some newer source code samples from his 3rd
edition on the Web, however I do not own this edition.

I am looking for a piece of information from his 3rd edition. In
figure 12.10 (the IDA* algorithm) the clause "f( Start, F)" is not
defined in the sample. It is about the f-value of a start node. It
might be described in the text or in one of the problem modules (the
puzzle or scheduling example).

Could someone familiar with this book spend a few minutes and have a
look whether it is described there?

Thanks for your help.


Norbert Giese, 71116 Gaertringen, A.-Stifter-Weg 10

Fri, 13 Jan 2006 02:41:06 GMT  
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