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 prolog programmer wanted

Oz Software is seeking a computer programmer for the maintenance
and continued development of the company's Online Intelligence
Network database services.

The right candidate will relish working independently in a
dynamic creative environment. This opportunity carries the
potential for above average financial reward.

The ideal candidate will possess the following skills:

Advanced PDC Prolog programming skills with emphasis on
PDC Prolog's external database system.

Web publishing experience including HTML programming,
CGI programming, and as a Web Master.

An understanding of common TCP/IP application protocols such
as FTP, Gopher, Pop etc,including PPP protocol.

Experience with  BBS systems, preferably PCBoard.

An understanding of windows 95 configuration and use.

Please Fax or E-Mail your resume to:

President, Derek J. Hoggett at 713-877-1650

Position is located in Houston, Tx.

Sun, 26 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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