PLILP'93: call for participation and programme 
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 PLILP'93: call for participation and programme

                   Fifth International Symposium on
                       LOGIC PROGRAMMING



Estonian Informatics Fund
Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Siemens AG
Institute of {*filter*}netics of Estonian Academy of Sciences


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                   Software Department
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                   of Estonian Academy of Sciences
                   Akadeemia tee 21
                   EE0026 Tallinn, Estonia
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Registration fee:
for registration before July 10   DM 380,-
                 after  July 10   DM 440,-

Student fee:   (does not include proceedings)
for registration before July 10   DM 140,-
                 after  July 10   DM 190,-

Registration/student fee includes one ticket for excursion and dinner.

All money transfers must be in DEM and free of charge for the recipient.
We cannot accept credit cards.

For money transfer use the following account.

Bank Account:
              Bankers Trust, Frankfurt    BKTD DE FF
              A/C 811100013
              Hansapank  A/C 22 - 112515
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              EE0106 Tallinn, Estonia
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              Institute of {*filter*}netics
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     [  ]   EEK 300,- to EEK 650,-  (three star central hotel)
     [  ]   EEK 100,- to EEK 300,-  (two star, 5 km from centre,
                                     near the Institute of {*filter*}netics)

Please note that in case the desired price range is not available,
the next lower group will be booked.
The room has to be paid for on arrival in cash.

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General Information
The International Symposium on Programming Language Implementation
and Logic Programming is held every year. The aim of PLILP'93 is
to explore new declarative concepts, methods and techniques relevant
for implementation of all kinds of programming languages, whether
algorithmic or declarative ones. The intension is to gather researchers
from the fields of algorithmic programming languages as well as logic,
functional and object-oriented programming. PLILP'93 will take place
in Tallinn, Estonia, from August 25 - 27.

Estonia is a corner of the earth on the eastern shores of
the Baltic Sea: a little over 45.000 square kilometers in
size, 350 kilometers from west to east and 240 from north
to south, inhabited by 1,5 million people. Men settled in
these areas ten thousand years ago.

Tallinn, the capital of the Estonia, is situated on the southern
shore of the Gulf of Finland and is one of the oldest cities in
Europe, to be found already on the world map compiled in 1154.
Resisting the onslaught of time, the old citadel with the fortress
on Toompea, the town hall, the circular walls studded with defence
towers have made Tallinn a museum city. Parks, gardens and its
green belt cover 30% of its territory.
Tallinn has an active academic life: there are 8 higher educational
establishments and 12 institutes of the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

PLILP'93's predecessors have been held in:
             Orleans 1988,
             Linkoping 1990,
             Passau 1991,
             Leuven 1992.

The following program contains 24 selected talks out of
72 contributions in response to the Call for Papers.
Several Papers were selected for Posters Session.

Invited speakers are Neil D. Jones, Uwe Kastens, Adnrey Mantsivoda,
and Alexander Dikovsky.

In parallel to the talks there will be system demonstration
about new implementations in the area of functional, logic
and object-oriented programming languages.

Program Committee
        J. Darlington U.K.      L. Naish Australia
        S. Debray USA           J. Paakki Finland
        W. Drabent Poland       P. Pepper Germany
        G. Ferrand France       I. Pottosin Russia
        M. Hermenegildo Spain   A. Rauzy France
        B. Jayaraman USA        J. Tanaka Japan
        F. Kluzniak Poland      F. Turini Italy
        B. Mayoh Denmark        A. Voronkov Russia
        A. Mycroft U.K.         D.S. Warren USA
        M. Bruynooghe Belgium (co-chairman)
        J. Penjam Estonia (chairman)

Symposium Location
          Institute of {*filter*}netics of
          Estonian Academy of Sciences
          Akadeemia tee 21
          EE0026 Tallinn, Estonia

Symposium Registration
Please fill the attached form and make sure that it will
be received by the organizers not later than July 10, 1993.

Travel Information
Tallinn can be reached by plane, ship and train. There is direct
flight connection with Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Helsinki,
Moscow, Stockholm, St.-Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk, Riga and Vilnius,
direct shipping connection with Helsinki and Stockholm, and direct
railway communication with Moscow, Riga, Vilnius, Warsaw and
Flight reservation should be made early.

The organizers can provide you with information about visa
formalities to visit the Republic of Estonia and travelling
options to Tallinn. Please send e-mail to

and you will get an automatic reply.

Wednesday, August 25
        8:30    Opening
        8:45    Invited Talk
                Uwe Kastens: Executable Specifications for Language
        9:45    Coffee Break
Session: Integration of Different Paradigms I
        10:00   Johan Boye: Avoiding Dynamic Delays in Functional Logic
        10:30   Michael Hanus, Berthold Josephs: A Debugging Model for
                Functional Logic Programs
        11:00   Coffee Break
Session: Constraint Programming
        11:15   Pierre Lim, Joachim Schimpf: A Conservative Approach
                to Meta-Programming in Constraint Logic Programming
        11:45   Jean Jourdan, Thierry Sola: The Versatility of Handling
                Disjunctions as Constraints
        12:15   Coffee Break
Session: Static Analysis and Abstract Interpretation I
        12:30   Marc-Michel Corsini, Kaninda Musumbu, Antoine Rauzy,
                Baudouin Le Charlier: Efficient Bottom-up Abstract
                Interpretation of Prolog by means of Constraint Solving
                over Symbolic Finite Domains
        13:00   Andreas Kagedal: Improvements in Compile-Time Analysis
                for Ground Prolog
        13:30   Lunch
Session: Grammars
        15:00   Mark-Jan Nederhof: A New Top-Down Parsing Algorithm
                for Left-Recursive DCGs
        15:30   Martin Jourdan, Carole Le Bellec, Didier Parigot,
                Gilles Roussel: Specification and Implementation of
                Grammar Couplings using Attribute Grammars
        16:00   Arnd Poetzsch-Heffter: Programming Language Specification
                and Prototyping Using the MAX System
        16:30   Coffee Break
        16:45   System Demonstrations and Posters Session
        18:15   End
        19:00   Conference Dinner and Concert at Glehn Castle

Thursday, August 26
         8:30   Invited Talk
                Andrei Mantsivoda: Flang and its Implementation
         9:30   Coffee Break
Session: Narrowing I
         9:45   Juan Jose Moreno-Navarro, Herbert Kuchen, Julio Marino-
                Carballo, Stephan Winkler, Werner Hans: Efficient Lazy
                Narrowing using Demandedness Analysis
        10:15   Rita Loogen, Francisco Lopez Fraguas, Mario Rodrigues-
                Artalejo: A Demand Driven Computation Strategy for Lazy
        10:45   Coffee Break
Session: Integration of Different Paradigms II
        11:00   John Darlington, Yi-ke Guo, Martin Kohler: Functional
                Programming Languages with Logical Variables: A Linear
                Logic View
        11:30   Antonio Natali, Andrea Omicini: Objects with State in
                Contextual Logic Programming
        12:00   Coffee Break
Session: Parallelism I
        12:30   Khayri A. M. Ali, Roland Karlsson: A Novel Method for
                Parallel Implementation of findall
        13:00   Remco Moolenaar, Bart Demoen: A Parallel Implementation
                for AKL
        13:30   End
        14:30   Lunch and Excursion in the Open Air in Lahemaa National Park

Friday, August 27
         8:30   Invited Talk
                Neil D. Jones: Program Speedups: Practical Results and
                Theoretical Limits  
         9:30   Coffee Break
Session: Implementation Techniques
         9:45   Owen Kaser: Inlining to Reduce Stack Space
        10:15   Agostino Dovier, Enrico Pontelli: A WAM-Based Implementation
                of a Logic Language with Sets
        10:45   Coffee Break
Session: Parallelism II
        11:00   V. Benjumea, J. M. Troya: An OR Parallel Prolog Model for
                Distributed Memory Systems
        11:30   Jonas Barklund, Johan Bevemyr: Executing Bounded
                Quantifications on Shared Memory Multiprocessors
        12:00   Coffee Break
Session: Static Analysis and Abstract Interpretation II
        12:15   David Clark, Chris Hankin: A Lattice of Abstract Graphs
        12:45   Mads Rosendahl: Higher-Order Chaotic Iteration Sequences
        13:15   Geoffrey Burn, Daniel Le Metayer: Proving the Correctness
                of Compiler Optimisations Based on Strictness Analysis
        13:45   Lunch
        15:15   Invited Talk
                Alexander Dikovsky: Abstract Complexity of Prolog
                Based on WAM
        16:15   Coffee Break
Session: Narrowing II
        16:30   Alexander Letichevsky: Development of Rewriting Strategies
        17:00   Maria Alpuente, Moreno Falaschi, Maria Jose Ramis,
                German Vidal: Narrowing Approximations as an Optimization
                for Equational Logic Programs
        17:30   Coffee and End of PLILP'93

In parallel to the talks, system demonstrations will be organized.


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