Prolog 1000 database available by ftp 
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 Prolog 1000 database available by ftp

The Prolog 1000 database is now available for ftp access from Imperial
College. It includes more than 500 entries and is in SGML format,
which is very close to the "electronic entry form" that many people
have used. It can be read and printed as an ASCII document.

To access it, login using ftp to, with a user name of
"anonymous" and a password of your email address, and issue the

get packages/prolog-progs-db/prolog1000.v1

The full path to the file is in question is:

The file above is in gzip format (the gnu file compressor). Under ftp
if the user does 'get ... prolog1000.v1' the archive here will expand
the file before sending it back. Alternatively if you have a copy of
gunzip, you can use the full file name which will get the compressed
file (more quickly - it is about 192KB compressed and 544KB

We would like to know who is using the information and are a little
cautious about supplying ready-made address lists. Therefore we have
not included the full address details for authors of programs, but
this information will be sent, for a reasonable subset, by sending an

program names and numbers and including full postal address.

We're not at the target yet, so if ANY of your programs, or other
programs you have used or heard about are not in this list please let
us know immediately as we would like to include them.

Chris Moss

Fri, 02 Feb 1996 22:41:45 GMT  
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