Prolog-2 questions 
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 Prolog-2 questions

I'm using the PD-version of Prolog-2. Unfortunately it comes without any
description of the built-in predicates, so if anybody has an idea how I can
find one I'd be very grateful. Also, after starting the trace mode a window
is opened (it takes a lot of place on the screen) which I cannot remove anymore
after quiting the trace mode. Any idea how to remove it?
Thanks in advance.


Andre Bergholz

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Tue, 15 Aug 1995 08:57:02 GMT  
 Prolog-2 questions

> I'm using the PD version of Prolog-2

Do you mean Expert Systems Limited Public Domain Prolog-2?

This is not Colmerauer's Prolog II language; don't let that throw you.

It's a quite standard implementation of Edinburgh Prolog and the built-
in predicates are the same as those described in major textbooks
(Clocksin & Mellish; Bratko; Covington, Nute & Vellino).

It is an exact match to the Prolog textbook by Tony Dodd, published by
Oxford University Press.  (I forget the title at the moment.)

The opening screen of Prolog-2 refers you to a 2-volume book
published by Ablex that documents the whole thing in detail.

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Tue, 15 Aug 1995 12:16:02 GMT  
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