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>Does anybody knows the source code in prolog of doing all or some of the
>operations in sets?

It will be very importan for me If I have an answer to my question. I will
frequently to the newsgroups If I have any replies to my post, but it will
be easier for me if you reply me directly to my email.


>Thank You


No, we don't normally send replies to individual e-mail addresses.
In this newsgroup, and in most others, we only like to reply to the group.
I'll make an exception for once, and send a copy of this to your Hotmail

You are obviously a "newbie", and have not used newsgroups before.
So I'll give you some advice on using newsgroups.
I hope it willl help you.

Please don't send messages in HTML to newsgroups, because
some people can't see them properly.  Its better to send plain text.

Please don't "crosspost".
I mean please don't send a message to many newsgroups.
Its considered bad manners to crosspost.
Its OK this time, because you only sent your message to Prolog
newsgroups, but its better not to do it.

Finally, I want to warn you about using your hotmail address
when sending a message to a newsgroup.
If you use your real e-mail address, then spam will be sent
to that address, for months afterwards.
If you want to avoid spam, then you should change the settings on your
e-mail program, so it uses a fake return adress.

You probably get spam at your Hotmail address anyway,
Hotmail is bad for that, but I recommend that you try to
change the settings on your e-mail program
so that you don't get even more.

I don't know how to answer your question about using sets with Prolog.
If you can use Prolog then you can make it use sets, in any way you like.
Prolog can use "lists".

If this answer is not useful to you,
then you should try asking it again using different words.

Martin Sondergaard,

Wed, 14 May 2003 02:58:57 GMT  
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