Workshop on Deductive Databases at ICLP'93 
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 Workshop on Deductive Databases at ICLP'93

                              Call for Papers

                       First International Workshop on
                             DEDUCTIVE DATABASES

                              Budapest, Hungary
                                 25 June 1993

                         in conjunction with ICLP'93,
            the Tenth International Conference on Logic Programming

The 1993 International Conference on Logic Programming will be held on
June 21-24, 1993, in Budapest, Hungary. Post-conference workshops are
scheduled on June 24-25.

One of the principal aims of research in deductive databases is to provide
a declarative programming framework for building database and
knowledge-base applications. The research is also concerned with
alleviating the shortcomings of traditional database programming
languages like SQL etc. A deductive database system combines
traditional database facilities with a powerful LOGIC-BASED language
for queries, reasoning and application development. Recent research in
this area has been closely linked to research in Non-monotonic
reasoning, Semantics of logic programs and Ordered logic.

The workshop is intended to bring together researchers (theoreticians as well
as practitioners) involved in the area of deductive databases and deductive
computing. The aim is to provide a forum for discussing and exchanging ideas on
various aspects of deductive databases such as:

o Object-oriented deduction (i.e. hierarchies and deduction)
o Negation
o Non-monotonic deduction
o Sets (matching and unification)
o Paraconsistency
o Abstract data types
o Meta programming
o Compilation techniques (magic sets, counting etc.)
o Abstract machines (execution architectures and computational models)
o Query optimization techniques
o Applications

Papers (full papers and extended abstracts) are solicited on any aspect of
deductive databases. Papers must be written in English, must not exceed
10 pages, and should include both an abstract and keywords to define
the topic. There is a good possibility that the proceedings of this workshop
may be formally published. All submitted work must be original and not
presented or published elsewhere prior to the workshop.

Authors are invited to submit four copies to Els Laenens or Natraj Arni:

       Els Laenens                         Natraj Arni
       Dept. of Math. and CS               MCC
       University of Antwerp (RUCA)        3500, West Balcones Ctr. Dr.
       Groenenborgerlaan 171               Austin, TX. 78759
       2020 Antwerpen                      U.S.A.
       Tel: +32 3 218.04.77                Tel: (512) 338-3718
       FAX:  +32 3 820.22.44               FAX: (512) 338-3890

Important dates:
       Submission deadline                 1 April, 1993
       Notification                        1 May, 1993
       Final version due                  15 May, 1993

Organizing committee:
       Natraj Arni, MCC, USA
       Els Laenens, University of Antwerp, Belgium
       Shalom Tsur, Swiss Bank Corporation, USA

 Natraj Arni

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