Programme for the Workshop on Deductive Databases at JICSLP'92 
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 Programme for the Workshop on Deductive Databases at JICSLP'92

                        Workshop Programme

                Workshop on Deductive Databases

                 Saturday, 14 November, 1992

                    in conjunction with the
       Joint International Conference and Symposium on Logic Programming
                November 9-13, 1992, Washington D.C., USA

8.30 --- 9.00 Alon Y. Levy, Inderpal Singh Mumick, Yehoshua Sagiv, Oded Shmueli
Equivalence, Query-Reachability and Satisfiability in Datalog Extensions

9.00 --- 9.30 Zahidul A. Khandaker, Jose A. Fernandez, Jack Minker
A Tractable Class of Disjunctive Deductive Databases

9.30 --- 10.00 Inderpal Singh Mumick, Kenneth A. Ross
An Architecture for Declarative Object-Oriented Databases

10.00 --- 10.30
Alexandre Lefebvre, Peter Bernus, Rodney Topor
Query Transformation for Accessing Heterogenous Databases  

10.30 --- 11.00  Break  

11.00 --- 11.30  
Devin E. Smith
An Integrated Reactor Physics and Source Term Calculation Based on
Deductive Database Principles  

11.30 --- 12.00
Jiawei Han, Tong Lu
N-Queens Problem Revisited: A Deductive Database Approach  

12.00 --- 1.30 Lunch  

1.30 --- 2.00  
John Harrison, Suzanne W. Dietrich
Maintenance of Materialized Views in Deductive Databases: An Update
Propagation Approach  

2.00 --- 2.30
Ashish Gupta, Dinesh Katiyar, Inderpal Singh Mumick
Counting Solutions to the View Maintenance Problem

2.30 --- 3.00  
Ashish Gupta, Jeffrey D. Ullman  
Generalizing Conjunctive Query Containment for View Maintenance and
Integrity Constraint Verification  

3.00 --- 3.30  Break  

3.30 --- 4.00  
Hakan Jakobsson
On Join-Order Optimal Compositions and Optimizing Recursive Queries

4.00 --- 4.30  
Ling Liu, Jiawei Han
Counting Compressed Method

4.30 --- 5.00  
Shinichi Morishita
An alternating fixpoint tailored to magic programs

5.00 --- 5.30
Surajit Chaudhuri
Finding Nonrecursive Envelopes for Recursive Datalog Predicates

        There were a further 8 papers accepted for the workshop. However,
as there was only one day available, it was not possible to allow each
accepted paper to be presented at the workshop.

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