CFP: BISFAI-93 (extended deadline) 
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 CFP: BISFAI-93 (extended deadline)

        .......   Second Announcement    .......
          Submission deadline is March 16, 1993

 Third Bar-Ilan Symposium on the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
             15-17 June 1993   --    Ramat Gan, Israel

Bar-Ilan University, through its Center for Applied Logic and Artificial
Intelligence (CALAI) and the Abraham Gelbart Research Institute for the
Mathematical Sciences, is pleased to announce its third
Symposium on the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
(BISFAI-93) to be held June 15-17, 1993 in Ramat Gan, Israel.
The Symposium is also supported by AAAI and is held in cooperation with
the ECCAI and the IAAI.

The Symposium is international in scope, with invited lectures by
leading researchers and contributed papers on foundations of AI.
The invited speakers for BISFAI-93 will be Barbara Grosz,
Jean-Louis Lassez, Vladimir Lifschitz and Jeffrey Rosenschein.
Symposium Chair is Martin Golumbic.

This biennial event focuses on a range of topics of concern to scholars
applying quantitative, combinatorial, logical, algebraic and algorithmic
methods to AI areas as diverse as decision support, automatic reasoning,
knowledge-based systems, machine learning, computational linguistics,
computer vision, and robotics.  These include applied logicians,
algorithms and complexity researchers, AI theorists, and applications
specialists using mathematical methods.  Although a small meeting is
anticipated, with selected speakers and no parallel sessions, an attempt
will be made to open attendance to all interested research scientists.

 ............  CALL FOR PAPERS  ..............

High quality research papers are solicited for consideration by the
program committee to be presented at the Symposium.  Submissions of
extended abstracts of 4-10 pages or full papers must arrive by
16 March 1993 and should be sent in triplicate to:

    Dr. Sarit Kraus, Program Chair BISFAI-93
    Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
    Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel

Decisions on presentations will be made on or before 20 April 1993.

Selected refereed full length theory papers will be published in a
special issue of the Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence
and selected application oriented papers in the journal Applied
Artificial Intelligence, as a permanent record of the Symposium.
These should be submitted shortly after the conclusion of the Symposium.
No informal proceedings will appear.

 ............  TRAVEL GRANTS  ..............

A limited number of grants for partial support will be available
for graduate students and postdocs.  Those interested in applying for
such a grant should send (1) a short statement about their research and
(2) the name of at least one faculty member who can recommend them, to

    Prof. Martin Golumbic, Symposium Chair BISFAI-93
    IBM Israel Scientific Center
    MATAM Technology Park
    Haifa, Israel

The deadline for grant requests is April 15, 1993.

 ............  FURTHER INFORMATION  ..............

For further information on the Symposium and to receive additional
announcements, contact
      Dr. Ronen Feldman, BISFAI-93 Organizing Chair
      Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
      Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, ISRAEL

Hotel accommodations will be reserved at the Kfar Hamaccabia Hotel in
Ramat Gan which also has sports facilities available gratis for the
Symposium participants.  The Symposium will take place at the
University, which is a short ride, or a half-hour walk, from the hotel.

 Program Committee:
            Yaacov Choueka (Bar-Ilan University)
            Rina Dechter (U.C. Irvine)
            Ronen Feldman (Bar-Ilan University)
            Ariel Frank (Bar-Ilan University)
            Dov Gabbay (Imperial College)
            Dan Geiger (Technion)
            Martin Golumbic (IBM Israel and Bar-Ilan University)
            Joe Halpern (IBM Almaden Research Center)
            Jeff Johnson (Open University, England)
            Moshe Koppel (Bar-Ilan University)
            Sarit Kraus (Bar-Ilan University)
            Daniel Lehmann (Hebrew University)
            Larry Manevitz (Haifa University)
            Jack Minker (University of Maryland)
            Leora Morgenstern (IBM Watson Research Center)
            Ephraim Nissan (Bar-Ilan University)
            Judea Pearl (UCLA)
            Donald Perlis (University of Maryland)
            Michael Richter (University of Kaiserslautern)
            Jeff Rosenschein (Hebrew University)
            Uri Schild (Bar-Ilan University)
            Micha Sharir (New York University and Tel Aviv)
            Jonathan Stavi (Bar-Ilan University)



             Dr. Ronen Feldman, BISFAI-93 Organizing Chair
             Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
             Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, ISRAEL

 Name: ________________________________________________________

 Affiliation: _________________________________________________

 Address: _____________________________________________________________________

 Electronic mail:  ____________________________________________

  _____    I   will  attend the  Bar-Ilan Symposium  June 15-17, 1993

  _____    Please send me the final announcement in May 1993.

                I   do  /  do not   plan to submit a paper.

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