Looking for pointers to straightforward "forward chaining" 
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 Looking for pointers to straightforward "forward chaining"

Thanks to everyone who has been answering my pleas/questions.

I'm attempting to adapt an existing mini-expert-system to use forward
chaining.  Currently it uses backwards chaining; it continually asks
questions of the user until it has proven the goal (identifying birds)
or cannot determine the answer.

I'd like to find some references to forward chaining so that I can see if
my code is doing what it should, or to compare it to some existing code.
I've got "Prolog Programming in Depth" by Michael Covington (good examples,
but it talks more about action type of goals ie, controlling a robot, where
I want to determine the type of bird observed), and Bratko's "Prolog
Programming for Artificial Intelligence" (the second edition has a {*filter*}y
section on backward vs. forward chaining).

Any code snippets, ftp sites or anything would be more than welcome.

Thanks very much,
Steve Portigal
University of Guelph

Mon, 09 May 1994 10:04:40 GMT  
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