Distributed Implementations of Prolog 
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 Distributed Implementations of Prolog


I would like any references to:

- implementations of Prolog on MIMD distributed memory machines
- algorithms for determining whether parameters are read or written to.

I am trying to design a distributed implemention of a modular axiomatic
specification language called COOPN (Concurrent Object-Oriented Petri
Nets). Each module is a process executing on a node of a network and has
its own internal state. A module can be considered as a Prolog server
trying to resolve remote requests according only to its own internal state
and to the parameters of the request. The clients can request a backtrack
to (almost) any of the previous states.

The implementation must be compiled to an object-oriented language (C++/Ada95)
and some restrictions are needed for the system to interface cleanly
with general-purpose libraries: The parameters of the methods must
be either 'in' or 'out', an additional parameter being used to tell
whether the parameters could be successfully bound or not. In many cases
the mode of the parameters can be deduced from their usage in preconditions
and postconditions (Petri net style), but I would like subtler criteria.

Does this description ring a bell to you ?  Any comments/suggestions
are welcome.

Tel/Fax (++4121) 693 6664/6610 | EPFL-DI-LCO (Compiler Lab, CS Dept)

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Tue, 14 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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