CFP IWMM'95, Intl Workshop on Memory Management 
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 CFP IWMM'95, Intl Workshop on Memory Management

                  1995 International Workshop on

                        MEMORY MANAGEMENT


   International Workshop on Memory Management   (IWMM'95)
   Kinross, Scotland, UK
   September 27-29, 1995

   Submission deadline: Februrary 13, 1995

   Memory management of dynamically allocated memory (MM) plays a large
   and increasingly important part in the interface between sophisticated
   languages (Lisp, Scheme, ML, Prolog, Smalltalk, Modula-3, Eiffel,
   constraint languages, etc.) and operating systems.  MM interacts with
   real-time scheduling, concurrency control, parallel threads,
   persistent objects, distributed objects, active objects, orphan
   elimination, finalization, multi-lingual environments, etc.

   Advances in memory devices (speed, size, power, access
   characteristics, compression) and the demands of new applications
   (e.g., desktop audio/video, distributed databases/applications on high
   performance, low-latency networks) provide additional problems and
   opportunities in MM.

   IWMM'92 was a highly successful workshop which brought together
   researchers and practitioners working on various aspects of MM.
   IWMM'95 is intended to keep the same wide-ranging and eclectic scope
   to promote the cross-fertilization that was achieved by IWMM'92.  In
   addition to a mix of theoretical and practical papers, we are also
   seeking papers with interdisciplinary and/or pioneering content.  It
   is planned to publish the proceedings of the workshop in the Springer
   Verlag LNCS series.

A non-exclusive selection of topics of interest follows:

   Explicit alloc/free algorithms/measurements
   Garbage Collection (GC)
   Parallel/real-time GC
   Multilingual GC
   Environment structures
   Static/Dynamic MM
   Backtracking and MM
   Constraints and MM
   MM for parallel languages
   MM and memory hierarchies
   Precaching strategies and MM
   Compile time GC
   Definition/minimization of storage leaks
   MM of persistent objects
   MM of distributed objects
   Architecture/OS support for MM
   MM and distributed shared memory
   Hardware support for MM&GC
   MM performance analysis & optimization tools
   Reflective MM
   Correctness and analysis
   Laziness and MM

Program committee:

   Henry Baker, Chair   Nimble Computer, USA
   Yves Bekkers         IRISA, France
   Hans-Jurgen Boehm    Xerox PARC, USA
   Jacques Cohen        Brandeis University, USA
   Bart Demoen          K. U. Leuven, Belgium
   Peter{*filter*}man        University of Glasgow, UK
   Benjamin Goldberg    New York University, USA
   Eric Jul             DIKU, Denmark
   David Moon           Apple Computer, USA
   Dan Sahlin           SICS, Sweden
   Paul Wilson          University of Texas, USA
   Taiichi Yuasa        Toyohashi University, Japan

Local Arrangements:
   Peter{*filter*}man        University of Glasgow, UK
   with assistance from the Department of Computing Science, Univ. Glasgow

Publicity and Communications:
   Eric Jul             DIKU, University of Copenhagne, Denmark
   with assistance from DIKU

Important dates:

   February 13, 1995                    SUBMISSION DEADLINE
   May 8, 1995                          Acceptance Notification
   June 12, 1995                        Final paper due
   September 27-29, 1995 (Wed-Fri)      Workshop

How to submit:

   This intent should merely include the proposed title, the
   category (or categories) from the list above, and the
   authors' name(s), address(es), phone number(s), FAX number(s) and E-mail
   address(es), if available.
   The "Intent to submit" should be sent as soon as possible after you
   have established such an intent, certainly by Feb 1, 1995.

   SECOND, write you paper.  Format it preferably using{*filter*}because
   we will most likely be providing{*filter*}macros for the camera-ready
   Generate a postscript version of your paper.

   THIRD, having written your paper, either
      submit one Postscript file of your paper (formatted for US standard
      sized paper or A4, please) by electronic means as decribed below and
      send a single copy to:
      submit six hard copies of your paper to:

   Eric Jul
   DIKU, University of Copenhagen
   Universitetsparken 1
   DK-2100  Copenhagen

   Submission should include the title and authors' name(s), address(es),
   phone number(s), FAX number(s) and E-mail address(es), if available.
   An abstract and a list of key words should be included.  Original
   papers should not exceed 6000 words including references; survey
   papers should not exceed 7000 words.  Abstracts should not exceed 200
   words.  Detailed formatting instructions for the published proceedings will
   be provided later.

Electronic submission:
   To sumit electronically, you can either send your uuencoded, compressed

   as described below.  You are welcome to use either "compress" or "gzip".
   If you have problems with electronic submission, send mail to

Instructions For FTP submission:

  done so.

  Contact via anonymous ftp, give user name 'anonymous'
  and your e-mail address as the password:

  Contact ftp site          ("ftp")
  Give user name anonymous  ("anonymous")
  Give your e-mail address  ("<your e-mail address>")
  Set binary transfer mode  ("type binary")
  Change directory          ("cd pub/diku/users/eric/IWMM95/Submit")
  Send your submission      ("put <your file>.ps.Z <your name>.ps.Z")
  Close connection          ("close")
  Quit ftp                  ("quit")

  Warning: restrictions apply to the Submit directory; you cannot
  read the files in it.
  You will receive an acknowledgment by
  e-mail within 2-3 days of us finding your submission.

Affiliation with ACM Sigplan is being sought

The proceedings of IWMM'92 were published as LNCS 637;
IWMM'95 intends to publish its proceedings in the same way.

Latest information:

   For the latest version of the CFP, submission instructions, etc,

   Alternatively, read the INFO, README, and HOWTOSUBMIT files in

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