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Here is the latest LIST-OF-PROLOGs.  The LIST is intended to help
people who want to learn/teach/use Prolog and people who have Prolog
systems find each other.  Public domain, free or almost free systems,
along with those that come with substantial discounts to academic
users are particularly welcome.

Please mail me additions, corrections and updates.  Many of entries
are 2 or more years old.  I intend to make the LIST FTP-able from UNC
by mid-January, but I'm willing to mail copies (electronically or
hardcopy) to folks who can't get it that way.

Dept. of Computer Science
Sitterson Hall / UNC-Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
NAME:           A.D.A. Prolog
VERSION:        First release, dated 1985
AVAILABILITY:   Full version from May 1985; five versions of
                increasing complexity available separately;
                educational and commercial licenses.
COST:           ??
    Incremental compiler, VML virtual memory system and extensions
    invisible to user, database access routines, debugging, stream
    input, list-based structure sharing, UNIX style modules, incre-
    mental garbage collection, Edinburgh-compatible syntax.
CONTACT:        Automata Design Associates
                1570 Arran Way
                Dresker, PA 19025
                (215) 335-5400
DATED:          June 1985
NAME:           Arity/Prolog
SRC/MACHINE/OS: IBM-PC and compatibles, the compiler is written in
COST:           ??
    Interpreter and compiler, with de{*filter*}; "string support",
    interface to other programming languages, UNIX-style file I/O
    and systems functions, text screen management; DCG support;
    "more comprehensive" set of primitives
CONTACT:        Arity Corporation
                358 Baker Avenue
                Concord, MA 01742
                (617) 371-1243
    Arity/Prolog compiler compiles itself in less than one and 1/4
    minutes on an AT.
DATED:          August 1985
NAME:           Basser Prolog
VERSION:        3
SRC/MACHINE/OS: C/Unix (V7, 4.?BSD & others) also VMS
AVAILABILITY:   Educational license, source or binary
COST:           A$300 or US$300 or negotiable, VMS version extra
STATUS:         running, some development & support
    Fast interpreter, full interface to Unix, Dec-10 debugging
    facilities, real arithmetic, backtrackable I/O, good docu-
    mentation (user manual & tutorial).
CONTACT:        Andrew Taylor (USENET: mulga!basser!andrewt)
                Department of Computer Science
                Sydney University
                Sydney, N.S.W.  2006
    Yet another prolog syntax. Most of the code is clean and readable.
    Generally similar to DEC-10 prolog.  Basser Prolog has sufficient
    "features" to make it a reasonable programming environment and a
    useful tool.
DATED:          May 1984
NAME:           BIM-Prolog
VERSION:        ?
AVAILABILITY:   Academic and commercial
COST:           Varies; discounts for academic users.
    Compiler/interpreter, algorithmic debugging, external language
    interface, graphics and windowing, module concept, partial
    evaluation, relational database interface (Unify & Ingres).
    Raf Venken                          The SHURE Group
    Belgian Institute of Management     1514 Pacific Ranch Dr.
    Kwikstraat 4                        Encinitas, CA 92024
    B-3047, Belgium                     (sun!suntan!bshure)
    (02) 759-5925                       (619) 944-0320
DATED:          June 1985
NAME:           Blog - a "prolog system" with readable code
SRC/MACHINE/OS: Franz Lisp.  Porting should be trivial.
    One page prettyprinted. Also available a 1K (1024 byte) source code
    version, including comments, title, user manual and installation
    guide (I'll admit, short ones). Two-page user manual also available.
    Free, mail me and I'll try to mail it to you.  Distribute freely,
    but keep saying it's mine, and (more important) tell me about ports,
    enhancements, etc.
    Pure Prolog, so no cut, assert or retract. Lisp syntax.  No
    special handling of clause names, so variables may appear anywhere
    (except one var as body of a clause).  Therefore second order logic
    possible.  No operators but dot. Slow - not written to run but to
    let people read the code. Numbers are used to denote internal
    variables.  Advantage: different vars have different names;
    Disadvantage: numbers can neither be used as variables, nor as
    constants.  No packages, so what would one want to use numbers
CONTACT:        J. A. Biep Durieux

    It's really not much more than the famous "tiniest little prolog in
    the world".
        Support: Try to mail me, I may be in a good mood.
        Future: Module compiler and much faster interpreter almost
                ready. Perhaps version with cut, or with adequate negation.
DATED:          Sept 1987
NAME:           C-Prolog
VERSION:        1.5
AVAILABILITY:   Academic and commercial licenses
COST:           100 pounds, academic
                updates (if you have earlier version) 50 pounds
    Interpreter, Prolog-10 compatibility, four port de{*filter*}.
    Department of Architecture          SRI International
    Edinburgh Univeristy                333 Ravenswood Ave.
    Forest Hill Rd.                     Menlo Park, CA 94025
    Edinburgh  EH1 1GZ
DATED:          July 1984
NAME:           Caltech Prolog (tentative)
VERSION:        0.2
SRC/MACHINE/OS: IBM, written in Prolog and 370 assembly
AVAILABILITY:   Not being distributed.
    Compiler completely compiles itself, but some normal glue routines
    still missing.  Speed of about 1 Megalip on an IBM 3090 for naive

DATED:          Oct 1987
NAME:           GProlog
VERSION:        Versions corresponding to C-Prolog versions 1.4 and 1.5
SRC/MACHINE/OS: C with some assembler/Sun 2 and Sun 3/SunOS (4.2 BSD)
    Send a magtape and $10 to cover postage and handling.  Will store
    files in tar format.  Specify which version of C-Prolog you are using.
    Has been in use for several years, including use in a couple of large
FEATURES:       Adds SunCore graphics predicates to C-Prolog
CONTACT:        Barry Brachman             {ihnp4!alberta,uw-beaver,seismo}!
                Dept. of Computer Science       ubc-vision!ubc-cs!brachman

                Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1W5  
                (604) 228-4327
DATED:          August 1987
    A few of the SunCore routines are not available to GProlog.  The
    distribution consists of patches to be applied to the original
    C-Prolog 1.4 or 1.5 sources; C-Prolog is *not* included in the
    distribution.  Will email the 6 page manual in{*filter*}form upon
NAME:           Horne
VERSION:        28
SRC/MACHINE/OS: Common Lisp / Explorer (v2.1) & Symbolics 36xx (v7.1)
AVAILABILITY:   anyone, upon signing a license/disclaimer
COST:           $150 (academic), TR for $15.  Non-academic institutions
                are requested to send whatever they can afford over $150
                to help defray expenses.
    LISP interface; tracing and debugging; typed theorem proving;
    automated reasoning facilities include forward chaining, constraint

                Computer Science Dept.
                River Campus
                University of Rochester
                Rochester, NY 14627
    Some zetalisp code mixed in with Common Lisp, but others have
    ported to SUN, IBM, etc.  Also included: REP, Knowledge
    Representation extensions that allow reasoning about structured
    types, classification of objects, etc.  Similar in spirit to
    KL-1, but internal representation is consistent with Horn clause
    notation, allowing for more flexible systems.
DATED:          Aug. 1987
NAME:           IC Prolog
VERSION:        0.7 (1979)
AVAILABILITY:   no longer supported
    Uses program annotations, data flow coroutining, collectors;
    special features for control and data handling for database
    applications; extended handling of negation; pseudo-parallelism
    annotations enable time-sharing processes on a sequential
CONTACT:        F.G. McCabe
                Department of Computing
                Imperial College
                London SW7 2BU
DATED:          June 1985
NAME:           ICL Prolog
VERSION:        First release dated 1984
SRC/MACHINE/OS: Pascal / VME on ICL 2900 to intermediate code
AVAILABILITY:   Commercial license.
COST:           Complete package priced at 400 pounds per quarter,
                including functional LISP.
    Compiler; lexical modules for construction of large applications;
    incremental garbage collection, tail recursion optimization,
    early detection of determinacy, clause indexing, trace and
    debugging facilities; large address space, interface to other
CONTACT:        J. W. Doores
                International Computers Ltd.
                Wenlock Way, West Gorton
                Manchester M12 5DR

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Wed, 19 May 1993 05:01:00 GMT  
I promised that CLP(R) was in the LIST-OF-PROLOGs, and somehow it was
left out.  Here's the entry-- additions or corrections welcome.  Maybe
I didn't have something sufficiently instantiated the first time?

NAME:           CLP(R)
VERSION:        2.0
SRC/MACHINE/OS: C / VAXen,Pyramid,Sun,etc. / UNIX
AVAILABILITY:   educational or research
COST:           $150 (Australian?)
    Interpreter, targetted at educational or research usage.

    The CLP(R) language is an instance of the Constraint Logic
    Programming scheme described in [Jaffar & Lassez 87].  Its
    operational mode is similar to that of Prolog.  A major
    difference is that unification is replaced by a more general
    mechanism: solving constraints in a domain of uninterpreted
    functors over real arithmetic. (from the programmer's manual)

                CLP(R) Distribution
                Department of Computer Science
                Monash University
                Clayton, Victoria 3168
    Jaffar,J. & Lassez,J-L., "Constraint logic programming",
    POPL, Munich, Jan 87.
DATED:          June 1987

Wed, 19 May 1993 20:21:00 GMT  
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