piping programs w/ php 
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 piping programs w/ php

Hi All,

I have written a command line based java program which I would like to
start, stop and issue commands to through a PHP page - I have never written
a program which pipes data to and from another program, and I was hoping
someone could suggest technique, or point me to a good reference on the

Basically, I want to make a PHP page which has a few fields for arguments,
and when the user presses a 'start' button, I want to instruct the server to
run a java program with those arguments.  I also want to maintain that
connection to the program so i can issue more commands later (such as a
terminate command) and also retrieve and display messages from the java
software standard output stream...any experience or tips?

thanks in advance,
m roberts


Mon, 01 Aug 2005 00:54:17 GMT  
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