official documentation php.ini ?!?!!? 
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 official documentation php.ini ?!?!!?

It's been five days I'm trying to edit my php.ini settings but I'm
still not able...
..I read official documentation:
12.  How do I know if my php.ini is being found and read? It seems
like it isn't as my changes aren't being implemented.

To be sure your php.ini is being read by PHP, make a call to phpinfo()
and near the top will be a listing called Configuration File
(php.ini). This will tell you where PHP is looking for php.ini and
whether or not it's being read. If just a directory PATH exists than
it's not being read and you should put your php.ini in that directory.
If php.ini is included within the PATH than it is being read.

If php.ini is being read and you're running PHP as a module then be
sure to restart PHP after making changes to php.ini

Now, i'm running PHP as a module.
In my phpinfo() page of test I can read that my php.ini file is where
I put it.
Configuration File (php.ini) Path  c:\WINNT\php.ini  
But If I stop Apache BEFORE php.ini editing - save changes and then I
START again Apache in my phpinfo() test page I still see old values:
so what's wrong! I still havent found a solution to this apparently
silly problem.
Please help me! This inconsistency is driving me insane!!!

Sun, 11 Sep 2005 04:53:43 GMT  
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