Form validation and page navigation 
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 Form validation and page navigation

Im new to PHP but not to web application development. I think I've
worked it out but I'd like to get some opinions on the best accepted
practice in PHP for the following:

I have a login page (login.php) that asks for a username and password
which I'll check behind the scenes. If they put a valid
username/password in I want to take them to the main menu page
(mainmenu.php).   If not, I want to put back the login page with a
suitable error (eg JavaScript alert)

I'm currently getting the login page to self reference and doing the
validation via a PHP script before the <html> tag, and redirecting
(using Location: mainmenu.php) if everything's OK

However that requires an extra HTTP request bounced off the browser.

This kind of form valiadtion is something I'll want to do everywhere
in the application, so is this the best technique or are there others?

ie the general case requirememt: submit the form, validate and either
go to the next page or put the form back on error

Any thoughts would be greatfully appreciated

Rob Tweed
M/Gateway Developments Ltd

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Fri, 22 Apr 2005 04:14:35 GMT  
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