grafting DOM doc [as a fragment] into another DOM doc [node] 
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 grafting DOM doc [as a fragment] into another DOM doc [node]

Does anyone know if someone has written some code which will graft
another DOM document [as a fragment] into another DOM node?


where $nodeBar is from a different document object to $nodeFoo.

This would be useful when working with DOM XML applications that want to
import XML flat files into the main application XML [source] tree.

I just thought I'd check before re-inventing the wheel. If there are no
takers, I'll go ahead and write "importChildFrag()" myself.

Sun, 06 Nov 2005 14:50:03 GMT  
 grafting DOM doc [as a fragment] into another DOM doc [node]

     function ImportChildFrag($objDoc,$ndStub,$ndNew) {
         $ndTmp = $objDoc->create_element("tmp");
         $ndTmp = $ndStub->append_child($ndTmp);
         return $ndNew;

yes, $ndNew is from a foreign document.
$ndStub is an element belonging to $objDoc DOM document.

* had to use the "replace" method because none of the "append" methods
* this behaviour is probably not intended
* this behaviour will probably be changed in subsequent releases

This was done using PHP 4.3.0

Mon, 07 Nov 2005 20:47:12 GMT  
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