Array unreadable inside nested foreach 
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 Array unreadable inside nested foreach

Has anybody found that by using a nested foreach, that an array or other
variable, defined
outside the nest, in an include file, is not seen inside the nest?

Thus in xyz.php, a single variable is defined like so


Then, in my controling program, I have the following


// the value of $myKey is visable here.
print("myKey is visable here and has a value of $myKey");


// the value of $myKey is NOT visable below
foreach($a as $keyA=>$valueA)
    foreach($b as $keyB=>$valueB)
        print("$keyA = $keyB and myKey is no longer visable as $myKey");



Anybody any ideas? Is this a bug? I'm devleoping with Dreamweaver on a
WindowsMe playform, using PHP 4.2.3 and Apache/1.3.24 though I'll eventually
migrate the finished code to Linux...

All help appreciated, please, to the newsgroup so that others may learn...

Sun, 29 May 2005 06:50:08 GMT  
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