apache2+php problem 
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 apache2+php problem

Hi all.

I have trouble installing php 4.2.1 with apache 2.0.35.
Apache works ok for a long time (at /usr/local/apache).
Yesterday I tried to install php --with-apache2=/usr/local/apache.
Added AddType...etc but it doesn't parse <?php?> stuff in .html and .php

Then I recompiled apache with --enable-so and when I said to
php to compile with apxs2 it said that therre is no such.

About half a year ago I just compiled php --with-apache2=... and it worked.
Why can't it now? :-(

Please tell me how to get this thing done - php as DSO or compiled in,
it doesn't matter.

Many thanks.

Tue, 26 Apr 2005 04:01:21 GMT  
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