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I'm looking for help regarding PHP, PDFLib & HTTPS.

I have a php app that generates PDF documents using PDFLib. When running the
app via HTTP, everything works fine. i.e Another browser window is openned,
and the document is successfully generated and displayed in the window.

However, when I run up the app under HTTPS, I am unable to generate the
documents. I get a "File Download" dialog indicating that the file maybe
harmfull, and requests whether or not I want to Open, Save or Cancel the
download. My code is not attempting to download the file - just displaying
directly to the browser.

Given than it works OK under HTTP, I'm suspecting that it's the HTTPS
environment that's making it barf. Is there something additional that I need
to do to support PDFLib under HTTPS.

My Environment is:

Apache     1.3.23
PHP          4.2.3
mod_ssl     2.8.7
OpenSSL  0.9.6b
PDFLib     4.0.3 Revision (Binary Distro)
IE              6.0

Any help would be appreciated.


Tue, 21 Jun 2005 07:59:38 GMT  
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