Compiling PHP 4.2.2 with Apache 2 from HP for HPUX 11i 
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 Compiling PHP 4.2.2 with Apache 2 from HP for HPUX 11i


Firstly, sorry for the cross-post.

Ok, I have installed the HP Apache2 package which comes with PHP 4.2.2, however
I need to install PHP with support for Oracle 9i Release 2 ( which is 64bit ).
I have downloaded the source from, however there is a problem that its
trying to build a 32bit lib, but the libs for oracle are 64bit.  I have since
downloaded the CVS snap of php, which appears to resolve the issue, however it
doesn't detect the apache version correctly, and doesn't see that I am running

I realise that support for apache2 is only experimental... but has any managed
to compile a new php against the HP package... if so, could you give me a few

Thanks in advance.


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Sat, 29 Jan 2005 16:08:29 GMT  
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