File Upload Problems with binary files (ASCII works ok) 
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 File Upload Problems with binary files (ASCII works ok)


I was originally testing this on Unix/Apache with .txt files and they worked
fine but I need it primarily for .pdf files and
$_FILES['temp_filename']['tmp_name'] appears to be undef when I upload the
pdfs.  Code in question is below.  Commented out code was an attempt to use
copy() instead of   move_uploaded_file() but had same results.

Any ideas why a binary file or a pdf specifically would cause a problem?


$path = realpath(".") . "/";
$destination_filename = $dir_name . ".pdf";
$newdir = "$path$dir_name";
chmod("$newdir", 0777);

$upped_file = $_FILES['temp_filename']['tmp_name'];

//if (!copy($upped_file, "$newdir/$destination_filename")) {
//print ("failed to copy $upped_file...<br>\n");

move_uploaded_file($upped_file, "$newdir/$destination_filename")
  or die ("Can't copy file to $newdir/$destination_filename");

Mon, 20 Jun 2005 06:54:01 GMT  
 File Upload Problems with binary files (ASCII works ok)
Addtional tests show that I can run a gif or jpeg through this and succeed
(even displays correctly in browser dispite .pdf extension) but given even a
small (9 Kb) pdf the move_uploaded_file can seem to find the uploaded file,
same results for .doc files.

Any help?


Mon, 20 Jun 2005 07:09:57 GMT  
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