XML data island problem 
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 XML data island problem

I am developing an Equestrian timekeeping system which uses PHP and
MySQL (Linux) on the server-side and XML data islands and Javascript (IE
5+) on the client side.

The system is near completion and working mostly fine. However, when we
increased the number of riders for a bigger test last weekend some
peculiar things happened.

Loading the client application gives no errors, but the table bound to
the in-line XML dataset in now empty, even though there is plenty of
data there.

At first I suspected a logic error in the PHP code that might have been
producing poorly formed XML. But doing a view source revealed no
problems there.

As a test I ran the server-side PHP script and captured the output in a
flat html file. This flat file loads and displays correctly in IE, but
loading the PHP script gives the behaviour above. I don't understand
this at all, since the results of the PHP script execution is IDENTICAL
to the html file!

I timed the execution of the PHP script and around 0.9 seconds, so I
doubt it is an IE timeout problem. Does anyone have any clues, I am
running out of ideas. It is very frustrating after putting so much work
into the system.

BTW - I am using IE 5 on the client and PHP 4.0.6 under Red Hat Linux 7.2

Thanks guys.


Sun, 26 Jun 2005 18:48:33 GMT  
 XML data island problem
Nil Desperandum!

I fixed it!

My PHP generates something like this:

header stuff

<XML data>

<SCRIPT ...>
Javascript code

html stuff here


I moved the <BODY> tag to below the XML data and BINGO - it works. I
don't userstand why - but I'm one happy camper! B-)



Mon, 27 Jun 2005 01:41:52 GMT  
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