PCRE stumper (PHP preg_match_all) 
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 PCRE stumper (PHP preg_match_all)

In PHP, I have the following:

   preg_match_all("/begin [0-7]{3,4} (.+)\r?\n(.+)\r?\nend/Us", $data,

this scans for UUEncoded attachments in the message body of an email and it
works great.  My problem is with optimizing it - the above will return the

$matches[0] = one element for each UUEncoded part, full part
$matches[1] = one element for each UUEncoded part, filename
$matches[2] = one element for each UUEncoded part, full part with headers

the problem is that $matches[0] is pretty much the same as $matches[2], and
it uses twice the memory for no practical purpose.  Is it possible to have
it _not_ return the default 'matched' match ($matches[0])?  I'm thinking
that for large attachments (say, 8MB) this would be a significant waste of

Sun, 31 Jul 2005 04:12:03 GMT  
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