TechTips: Making working-at-home work 
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 TechTips: Making working-at-home work

Many developers see the irony in driving twenty miles to work and back each
day, to sit down at an Internet-connected computer just like the one they
left at home, to work at a web-site on a remote server that is connected to
... the Internet.

Many /other/ developers, newly divorced from their previous job (either by
wish or by decree), ponder whether _this_ time they can find a "gig"
without leaving home.


An Internet development company /can/ be run from your second bedroom,
perhaps with the assistance of other developers throughout your nation or
the world.  (The world /is/ your oyster, if you can find it.)  But it takes
a very different approach from "traditional work."

The most important thing to realize is that you are _not_ an employee; you
are not working on time-and-materials and you are not working on salary.  
"No workee, no eatee."  You must make a specific committment to deliver a
specific thing by a specific date for a specific not-to-exceed price, and
you must also commit to provide warranty-service for what you have done.

It is often a good idea to work through an agency that brokers your services
to their customer and stands behind what you're doing.  Brokers can provide
a more steady supply of gigs.  {We are not, BTW, a broker!!}

It is also _extremely_ important to recognize that you must have a contract
and that you probably should be incorporated.  Your committment to your
customer must be thought of as long-lasting and sometimes not too

You must be willing to accept /small/ jobs as well as large ones.  There are
quite a lot of "broken down" web-sites out there.  We rather specialize in
helping folks fix them, "after the last developer ran off to greener
pastures."  You can too.  

Contracting is not /steady/ work, unless you spend just as much time
marketing as you do coding.  Even then, it can be as unsteady as
unemployment.  Plan accordingly!

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