PHP and sessions... 
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 PHP and sessions...

I have a web site made on my own. I use PHP sessions. A quite strange thing
is occuring
when I change the way of connecting to the site.
When I am using address like http://localhost/.... every thing is ok. But
when I switch to
using the ip in form of http://{my ip}/.... PHP sessions go in madness. On
every request
to the site there is redirection depending on sent parameters. Currently I
can load few
deferent pages. For main page, session id is always the same (I can store
parameters from
GET and POST in db), but when destination page is loaded the session id is
and I cannot read valid parameters. Can any one tell me why the session id
is changing
depending on loading pages???


Sun, 26 Jun 2005 05:21:17 GMT  
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