why is imap_open not working for a login check? 
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 why is imap_open not working for a login check?

According to the php manual, imap_open will Return an IMAP stream on
success and FALSE on error. Is there a function I can put around
imap_open to return true if there is a stream or return false if ther
eis no stream?  I dont want to store the password anywhere on the
system, so I want to test it by checking if I get an imap stream or
not..  Here is the code I wrote, it will work if there is a way I can
return true or false whether there is a stream. thanks:
      return true;

      $alerts = imap_alerts();
      $errors = imap_errors();
      $x = count($alerts);
      $y = count($errors);
      if($x > 0){
           echo $alerts[$x] ."<br>";
      if($y > 0){
          echo $errors[$y] ."<br>";
      return false;}
    return false;

Tue, 26 Apr 2005 07:00:49 GMT  
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