Time::Ctime and IO::File? 
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 Time::Ctime and IO::File?

Looking for clues...

I was working on a script today, and determined that amongst the
variety of modules I needed, I would be using both Time::CTime
and IO::File.  I was writing my code very carefully, and am sure
that all variables were my'd and localized.  

When I made my strftime call however, I was getting the following:

        (in cleanup) Not a GLOB reference at /devl/perl5/lib/FileHandle.pm line 255.
        Time::CTime::strftime called at make_ridlist line 37
        main::move_newpkg called at make_ridlist line 29

I had only coded one use of IO::File so far.  So I removed use
use of it from the script, and went back to good old-fashioned
open IN, etc....and everything worked fine.

Anyone used these modules together with success?




Tue, 11 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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