using network drives-newbee question 
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 using network drives-newbee question

I connect to a NT network drive wusin the following script:


sub Connect_MD001

  use Win32::NetResource;
  $server = "xxx1";
  $adminshare = "D";
  %NetResource = (LocalName => 'T:',
                  RemoteName => "\\\\$server\\$adminshare\$", );

} #end sub MD001

This works fine, I can do a net use and the T: drive is mapped.  The
problem I'm having is getting the script to change to that that drive.
I've used the system command chdir even chroot and if I list the
directory it displays the directory which perl is running in.  What am
I missing.  Also I found that the above script will only allow 1 drive
being mapped.  If I run:

  $server = "xxx2";
  $adminshare = "D";
  %NetResource = (LocalName => 'S:',
                  RemoteName => "\\\\$server\\$adminshare\$", );
right after it T: is no longer there and S: is.

Is there a better way to connect to NT devices than using

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