Software Engineering with Perl: errata site? 
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 Software Engineering with Perl: errata site?

Is there a web/ftp site for errata in Software Engineering with Perl
(Dichter and Pease) ?

The back-of-the-book ftp sites are empty.


Jim Hanlon

Wed, 15 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
 Software Engineering with Perl: errata site?


>Is there a web/ftp site for errata in Software Engineering with Perl
>(Dichter and Pease) ?

>The back-of-the-book ftp sites are empty.


>Jim Hanlon

Not yet. I don't know *why* prenhall doesn't put the stuff out. We keep asking
and nothing happens.

I am working on changes to make the scripts work under Perl 5 (but not
Perl 5 versions :-), and when I get them done (next week, but don't hold
me to it) I'll make them avaliable from my web page.

Here is ther current errata list:

Software Engineering with Perl ERRATA

First of all, although this is book is meant to be a reliable source of
practical information, it was also mean to be fun. Problem: there are
several pages that don't have a joke or an irreverant comment about the

In the acknowledgements, third para:
    We like...
Should be:
    We'd like...

Page 16, Table 2-1, footnote d:

Page 17, 1 l line up from bottom:
   described as the are used
   described as they are used

Page 31, mid-page, Nancy Leveson has finished her book (it debuted
about the time as SEwP) and the title is not Software Safety. Here is
the cite:
Nancy Leveson.  Safeware: System Safety and Computers,
Addison-Wesley, 1995.

Page 122, table comparing Unix vs. Perl Regular Expressions, column 2
and 3 are reversed in first two rows. Perl is (obviously) the one
that has \s and \S.

Same table: Add a footnote marker (superscript b) to the third column
on rows 1-6 and 10 (the last). Footnote text:
    (superscript b) Perl also supports the Unix way of doing it.

Page 156 (and in the source code "")
         $match_match = substr$match-match, 0,
         $match_match = substr$match_match, 0,

On Page 251, the programs and were not included
(and not included on the disk.) There is not a program called :-)

Page 261 (and the source to")
if ( `/bin/domainname` != "" && -e "/usr/bin/ypcat" ) {
if ( `/bin/domainname` ne "" && -e "/usr/bin/ypcat" ) {

And Change:
   $originator = `/usr/bin/ypcat passwd | cat - /etc/passwd | grep
"^$logname:" /etc/passwd | cut -f5 -d':' | sed -e 's/,.*//'`;
   $originator = `/usr/bin/ypcat passwd | cat - /etc/passwd | grep
"^$logname:" | cut -f5 -d':' | sed -e 's/,.*//'`;

Cosmetic Changes:

Page 16, "How Perl Stacks Up" - the ck in Stacks should not be bold.

Page 46, 57, 66, 208, 217, 226, 231, 235, 242, 251, and 259, the first
lines of the source listing should not be bold.

Page 97, The formats in "send-pr Display Format" are all wrong.

Page 125, The code segments have wrapping problems.

Page 131, The code segments should all be indented the same amount.

Page 153 (and in the source for "") the comment after the line
that starts "#   $cap" should start on the next line, not at the end of
that line :-)

Page 259, There should be a seperate header for, not included
the bogas header for the "smart" tools.


Author of "Software Engineering with Perl"

Sat, 18 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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