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 Chicago Area Job Opening...

Ok, I know I'll probably get flamed for posting this in this particular
group, but I would really like to fill this position.

We're a small (but growing... really!) multimedia/Internet/Intranet
development company.  We're looking to hire someone who has two-three
years experience working with C/C++ or Perl or Java or any combination
thereof.  Obviously any web development or intranet experience would be
a great plus.  Any Oracle (OraPerl) or other database experience would
be helpful.  You must live in the Chicago area and you must like working
in a very casual and cool environment.

We are not looking for someone who has had a lot of management
experience.  We are currently management heavy.  That's not to say that
you couldn't move into such a position someday in the future.  We just
are not looking for someone who is expecting to be managing right out of
the box.  We're also not looking for someone with twenty years of
experience.  We pay competitively but we can't afford you if you've been
in this industry since I was in diapers.

If you're in the Chicago area and have some of the above experience and

You can check out our web-site to see some of the stuff we do -


Fri, 25 Feb 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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