Passing NULL pointer to Win32::API function 
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 Passing NULL pointer to Win32::API function

I am trying to empty my recycle bin by using the SHEmptyRecycleBin()
function using Win32::API. How do I pass a NULL pointer parameter to
this function (the second parameter)? According to the docs for
SHEmptyRecycleBin() if it is NULL or an empty string then it will
empty all contents of the recycle bin. But in the code below setting
$null to an empty string ($null = "") does not work.

Diego Barros

use Win32::API;
$SHEmptyRecycleBin = new Win32::API( "shell32", "SHEmptyRecycleBin", [
N, P, N ], N );
$null = ???;
$SHEmptyRecycleBin->Call( 0, $null, 0 );
$SHEmptyRecycleBin = undef;

Thu, 01 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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