Is file open/closed? 
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 Is file open/closed?


>    Hi All!

>  Some days ago I made a small script that adds newly uploaded file to
> special list (in fact it's a homepage with links to new files). After
> the script moves (by executing "system mv" command) file to another dir
> (accessed by httpd). All seems to work fine but one. Files are uploaded
> via ftp by dialup users and my script is executed from crontab each
> minute. So main question is: "HOW CAN I FIND IF THE FILE IS OPEN (BEING
>  I saw alike message in this newsgroup but can't make flock work. Even
> if the file is open mv moves it and flock seems to function without error!
> But I need error!
>  Please, be so kind, and drop me a couple of lines explaining the method.

If you are using Unix, look at fuser.  It should tell you which process
is using the file.  I'm not sure how standard fuser is, so you might
want to avoid any features that look really snazzy if you think you may
need to port it later.

- doug

Fri, 14 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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