price of perl (was Re: GUI vs command line) 
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 price of perl (was Re: GUI vs command line)

>(why was this thread going to 20 newsgroups?  I've redirected.)

>>>Try PERL for NT. works on 95 and is one of the best scripting
>>>languages _EVER_  --perfect for parsing files. (it's on one of those
>>>big shareware archives)

>> I have to admit I've heard impressive examples of scripting languages,
>> but is a shareware add on a real substitute?

     (I noticed that the post was redirected to c.l.perl.m; I hope the
original poster sees this.)
     Calling perl a 'shareware addon' is sort of like calling UNIX
'just another little OS'.  Perl is a world unto itself.  It's not just
a scripting language, it's an entire language.  It can completely
replace csh, bsh, ksh, grep, awk, sed, and, if you read the O'Reilly
books, replace fortran, COBOL, LISP, C, C++, SNOBOL, JOVIAL,. . .
    [PS: perl 5.0 is said to have a few object-oriented features.]
   I've been using perl for UNIX for a while, and would love to see it
for W95 (or even W3.11) (By comparison, DOS shell (BAT files)
scripting is a petrified rock.) The closest I've seen so far is MKS
Toolkit, which gives you sed, awk,grep, and so on.
   If you can get perl for W95 or NT, do it now.

  http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~ozma/

Sat, 18 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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