Tex and perl? 
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 Tex and perl?

I am looking for some advice with using perl to generate reports by
creating TeX tabular reports.  I have gotten the perl data collection
part of the program working and wish to know if someone has done any
TeX tabular report generating with perl?  

I noticed that a TeX module is under development, but wanted to know
if anyone else has done such a thing and could share some wisdom.  I
am new to TeX, but a descent Perl programmer.  Currently my print
routine looks like:

sub printLibrary {
  print "Cellname  ";

    print "$_  ";
  foreach $cellname (sort keys %{ $library{$libName}}) {
    print "\n$cellname  ";
    foreach $attrib (sort keys %{ $library{$libName}{$cellname} }) {
      if ($attrib eq "schematic" || $attrib eq "layout") {
        foreach (sort $library{$libName}{$cellname}{$attrib}) {

      else {
        print "$library{$libName}{$cellname}{$attrib}  ";
  print "\n";


and I would like to be able to modify it create a TeX table.  Could
formats be used to create the headers, enders and each entry in the
table?  It looked as if they may be useful, but I don't know.


Mon, 21 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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