system() call won't work from network drive 
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 system() call won't work from network drive

Using build 522 of ActiveState under Win95.  Have my first real perl
script running just fine on my C: drive to use DBI/DBD:ODBC to scan a MS
Access database and pull out records of interest.  Saving these to a
.txt file for printing.  Using 2 system calls to print and then delete
the file:

system("copy c:commchk.txt LPT1 /B");  #send output to printer
system("del c:commchk.txt");

Everything works fine, whether running perl interpreter from the command
line, or running the .exe I created using perl2exe from Windows
Explorer, as long as I run from the C: drive.

If I put the executable on a network drive (Novell server) and try to
run it, or put the .pl file on the network and set my default to there
and run the perl interpreter from there, the output file gets created
and populated on my C: drive, but the system() calls seem to fail - no
printer output and the file is not deleted.  I briefly see a "File not
found" message flash on the DOS window that is opened when the .exe is

What do I need to do to make this run from a network drive, so that
others can use this?

Jack Ort

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