this newsgroup relayed by email or such ... 
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 this newsgroup relayed by email or such ...

Hi fellow Perl fans,

One of my friend only has email connectivity (no http, no nntp...) to the
Internet. He is into Perl and he'd like to stay informed and get answers to his
questions about this wonderful language. So I ask you on his behalf whether
there is a news to email gateway service available somewhere for this newsgroup.
I have also looked at various Perl sites to see if there was a relevant
mailing-list (I mean general discussion about Perl, like in this newsgroup) but
I couldn't find any (yes, there are several Perl related lists but none with
such a general topic).

So I hope my question is now clear : where to find info about Perl, generally
speaking, by email.

Please CC: to my email if you feel like replying. Thank you and long live to
Perl !


Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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