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 perl asp question


>The following is my attempted perl port of a VBScript example.  It should
>open a file and display all of its contents.

>$filesys = $Server->CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
>$filea = $filesys->OpenTextFile("c:\inetpub\wwwroot\copy.txt");
>$Response->write ($filea->ReadAll);

I've never used ASP, but I don't think your problem is related to it at all.
Try enclosing constant strings in single quotes (') when you don't need
interpolation.  The way you've written it, the file name you try to open
is not what you think it is... ("perldoc perlop" for details).

>Can't call method "ReadAll" without a package or object reference.

That's because you didn't check what OpenTextFile returned to you before
using it.  I'm guessing it's "undef".

>Does someone know what I'm doing wrong.

Well, you are using Micro$oft products...  :-)

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