Ann: CGI/Perl Class, Phila Area, Sep 29-Oct 2 
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 Ann: CGI/Perl Class, Phila Area, Sep 29-Oct 2

5 Sigma Productions will be presenting a 4-day "Learning CGI with
Perl" class in Moorestown, NJ from Tuesday, September 29 through
Friday, October 2.  Joseph Hall, author of Effective Perl Programming,
will be teaching the class.

A one-day "Perl refresher" will be taught on Monday, September 28
for students in the CGI class who want to brush up on regular
expressions and other Perl topics that will be important in
completing the work in the CGI class.  It won't substitute for
a thorough introduction to Perl, but students whose Perl is a
little rusty are advised to take it.

The class will be taught at the GORCA training facility in
Moorestown, NJ, using Solaris 2.6 and Apache.

Prequisites for the class are: recent programming experience, a
basic understanding of Perl, and some user experience with Unix.
Familiarity with a Unix text editor like vi or emacs will be helpful,
although there will be workarounds for the less unix literate.
The course involves a fair bit of programming, so students with
little or no recent Perl experience are strongly advised to take
an introductory Perl course first.

For more information (including pricing), see:



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